Creating google web application credentials

Before using google login api, let start to find out how to create web application credentials. Read this tutorial and follow these steps below.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Select Create project

create project

Step 3: Enter project name, click Create.

enter project name

Step 4: When creating success, select Google+ API on APIs list.

api list

Step 5: Click ENABLE

enable apis

Step 6: Click Create credentials.

create credentials

Step 6: Choose Google+ API, Web server click What credentials do i need?.

select settings

Step 7: Enter product name, click Continue.

enter name

Step 8: Entern your url and your callback url. (callback url is the one that hode code from google api, that would earn token to login)

create submit

Step 9: Click Done to finnish.


Step 10: When creating success, note your client secret and client id or download JSON file.

download json

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